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Why Fiori?

fiori jewels

Fiori Jewels and the company’s experts have been in business for more than two decades. Bringing vast expertise, Fiori Jewels has extensive knowledge in diamond supply chain and retail sales, bringing their customers the utmost quality for its diamonds and jewellery. Fiori Jewel’s experts have a keen eye for picking the best, brightest and highest quality diamonds. Utilizing the four C’s – cut, clarity, color and carat, Fiori experts grade each diamond meticulously on how well the diamond is cut, how clear the diamond is, the diamonds color and its carat size.

As the first lab created diamond retailer in the UAE, Fiori Jewels has a wide range of diamond jewellery styles, from earrings and tennis bracelets to pendant necklaces and solitaire engagement rings. You can even find polished jewellery pieces for men, such as cuff links or tie clips. Using cutting-edge technology, Fiori’s lab created diamonds are grown by replicating the natural diamond growing process. With the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mine created diamonds, Fiori Jewels lab created diamond jewelry are ethically sourced and eco friendly, all at an affordable price.

Fiori Jewels Quality

Some may say it’s an art form. Fiori’s experts choose only the highest quality diamond for each piece of jewellery, which is carefully polished and set in recycled 18kt gold. A perfect example of this is a Fiori Jewels tennis bracelet; the experts only choose the highest quality diamonds in each category of the four C’s to place in the tennis bracelet to have uniform brilliance.

Fiori Jewels sources its lab-created diamonds from the best diamond growers in the world, ensuring high-quality diamonds. Working with skillful artisans, Fiori Jewels makes each piece of jewellery feel soft and comfortable to wear and each diamond is studded to perfection. The team works with many different designers from various parts of the world, which leads to unique designs influenced by different cultures. With its headquarters in Dubai, Fiori Jewels has the opportunity to employ people from all over the world, leading to a one-of-a-kind process that creates unique jewellery for everyone. In addition, Fiori Jewels jewellery and diamonds are certified from the top three laboratories in the world, all of which hold the highest standards globally and those that certify mined diamonds as well.

Where is Fiori Jewels located?

As the first lab-created diamond jeweler in the UAE, Fiori Jewels has two retail stores in the country and an online website, from which its high-quality lab created diamond jewellery can be purchased. Fiori Jewels’ UAE locations are in Gold and Diamond Park and Dubai International Financial Centre. Looking forward, Fiori Jewels plans to open a third location in the United Kingdom in 2021.

What are some of Fiori Jewels’ offers and promotions?

Fiori Jewels has various ongoing offers and promotions to ensure customers find the perfect diamond or piece of jewellery. These offers include:

  • 1 carat solitaire diamond rings starting at 4999 AED.
  • Diamond exchange program: bring in your mine-created diamond to exchange and upgrade for a bigger, brighter and eco-friendly diamond; one that leaves you with no questions from where the diamond originated from.
  • Plant a Tree: purchase a diamond tree pendant necklace and Fiori Jewels will plant a tree in Dubai in your name.
  • Whenever you buy any jewellery from Fiori Jewels, you can upgrade the diamond jewellery with a bigger and better diamond, as per the market value.


Can Fiori Jewels customize my jewellery? What else do they offer?

Fiori Jewels guarantees a lifetime of customer care with every purchase, ensuring complete satisfaction with your jewellery. Fiori experts will resize and clean your jewellery for free every time, throughout the lifetime of the purchase.

Fiori Jewels can customize and create a one-of-a-kind unique design according to customers’ budgets in addition to offering colored diamonds or unique gemstones.

About lab created diamonds

Fiori Jewels promise and guarantee is to provide only the highest quality lab created diamonds. Fiori Jewels prides itself on these diamonds – lab created diamonds are real diamonds; they’re made of the same material as mine created diamonds and are atomically identical to mine created diamonds, meaning that they have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mine created diamonds. Lab created diamonds are certified using the same process and certification labs as mine created diamonds. The best news? Lab created diamonds are competitively priced, so you can have a larger, better quality diamond for a fraction of the price.

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